Stock and Sales Management

Clever ERP is admired for its ease of use, configurability and capability to manage both huge amounts of data and the tiniest details. It is an all defining all-inclusive package with the flexibility to be moulded to your business needs whether you are retail or wholesale – anything from high fashion to sports equipment, PPE and corporate wear. Clever ERP will increase efficiency, and profitability, across many areas of your business from client web ordering to sales order processing, CRM, procurement, picking, despatch and invoicing.


In competitive markets, the efficiency and accuracy of your sales order processing system is key in boosting your profitability and providing your customers with the best service to ensure repeat custom. From quotation and order, through to pick, dispatch, delivery and invoice, Clever ERP simplifies the process and offers you the tools your team need to quickly enter, process, track and manage sales orders.

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Sales and CRM

Establishing and maintaining a strong relationship with your potential and existing customers is a crucial part of growing any business and Clever ERPs CRM system can assist in building this relationship. From contact information and quotation follow-ups to order queries, courtesy calls, complaints and targeted marketing, our built in CRM module allows you to store and easily view all client information in one place.

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Improve your data accuracy, simplify processes, and improve spend visibility. Order products with a shortfall or low stock levels at the click of a button. View requirements and previous monthly usage in a single screen. Easily exclude long lead-time orders from shortfall calculations. Change the supplier for an entire product range in a couple of clicks. Add products to existing draft purchase orders to reach minimum order levels.

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Uniform Ordering

Uniform Ordering

Do you struggle with budgeting? Never exceed it again with our Uniform Ordering Module. Supervisor or employee uniform ordering from pre-assigned stock complete with finishing module. Restrict individual purchases on a points or allowance based system. Uniforms also allow for easy viewing of each Employee’s item history at a glance. Complete with its own order tracking and reporting suite uniforms is a key tool for easily managing a large client base.

E-Commerce Websites

A retail website represents your companies public store. It is open to all, using base products and prices. Our E-Commerce websites are completely dynamic and function autonomously. Products and orders are uploaded and downloaded directly from the core system without any need to interact with the website.

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MyCo – Business Analytics

My Company - Key Performance Indicators

Gain a top-level overview of company performance in real-time. View daily, weekly and monthly achievements via an array of graphical formats. Motivational tool assisting in company goals being attained. Keep track of top-performing customers and products and evaluate department efficiency against predetermined targets.

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Whether applying designs in house or outsourcing, our design worksheets or supplier service purchase orders gives the production team the information they need to ensure the design is applied correctly each time whilst our production requirement screens gives full visibility of stock shortfalls and order required dates.

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Real-Time Stock Management

Stock Management

Are you struggling to keep track of your stock or inventory? Our stock management system could help you. Configure multiple warehouses. Bulk, Intermediate, Pick and Pack buffer levels. Sophisticated warehouse and rack design screens. End of day auto stock replenishment routines. Goods-in stock put away options.

Reporting and Planning

Improve your insights with Clever ERP, our system can readily generate reports and graphs at any time, giving you the ability to analyse and compare information without the hassle of spreadsheets, and emails.

Gain a single, unified reporting system for every process. Evaluate how your company is performing against predetermined targets. Figures can be presented in a variety of graphical formats and over several time scales at the click of a button. 

Our customers love the system’s web ordering and for us, it’s a fantastic selling tool.

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